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Solar Panels in Mayfield Village, OH

March 20, 2013

Mayfield Village in Ohio has made a recent “investment” in solar panels and I think it is worthwhile to analyze the effectiveness of this taxpayer funded project.

From the contractual agreement the village signed with JEMM Property Management, the following things become evident:

Mayfield Village will pay a total of $114,327 (including $50,000 from a state NOPEC grant) for the solar panels over the next 8 years. Based on expected energy generation, payback of the village’s investment will be attained in year 17.

The full cost of the system is reported to be $310,326. Presumably Jemm Property Management is taking advantage of other state and federal grants and tax credits to cover the additional cost not born by Mayfield Village. The solar panels will NEVER generate enough electricity to return a payback on the full taxpayer “investment”.

If the same $310,326 were invested in closed cycle gas turbine (CCGT) generation, the gas turbine system could generate significantly more usable electricity in one year than the solar panel system will generate in its entire functional life. In round numbers the CCGT system could generate 37 times more electricity, and this would allow the elimination of more than 18 times the CO2 emissions.

Once again, why is taxpayer money being used to fund solar panels??

Details of my analysis are attached here:

Mayfield Police Solar

The full contractual agreement for procuring the solar panels is also attached here for reference:

Solar Agreement – Police Station

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