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U.S. Energy-related CO2 emission lowest in 20 years

April 7, 2013

I agree that this is good news. I want to point out that the decline in CO2 (and also decline in other emissions such as sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides) was brought to us by a free-market shift to natural gas; bringing us concentrated and reliable electrical energy using a cleaner and more abundant source. It had little-to-nothing to do with the Big Government sponsored “green energy” programs which are driving ineffective approaches.

Daniel Adesina

Hey guys, I’ve got good news today.  According to the data posted by the US energy information administration, Carbon dioxide emissions from energy consumption in the United States during 2012 fell to the lowest level since 1994.  I believe this is a step in the right direction if want to meet our goal of reducing CO2 and other related GHGs in the near future.The assessment concludes that about 5.3 billion metric tons of CO2 were emitted from coal, natural gas, and oil consumption during the year 2012, a 3.7 percent decline relative to 2011 and 12.1 percent below the peak of 6 billion tons hit in 2007. The EIA cited increased use of natural gas and falling consumption of coal as the primary reason for the drop in emissions of the greenhouse gas.


The report stated an increase in natural gas and decrease in Coal plants CO2 production. CO2

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